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We are looking for a case manager!

Interested in volunteering with Aggie House as a case manager for social and medical services? Contact Us to see how you can help!

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Apply for a bed today.

Aggie House is looking for residents to fill our community this Fall Quarter 2021. Please click Learn More or visit our Apply for a Bed page for more information.


Eliminate College Homelessness.

Create a transitional housing shelter for UC Davis students experiencing housing insecurity and help find permanent housing.

Empower and equip student volunteers to become leaders in social justice.

Serve as an open source model for future student-run shelters.


We would love to get to know you.

Aggie House’s Board of Directors is composed of UC Davis undergraduate students dedicated to serving our community and advocating for housing security.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Undergraduate students at UC Davis interested in social justice, community building, and learning more about basic needs are encouraged to apply.

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Make an impact on our students by contributing directly to our costs for food, furniture, academic supplies, and more.