About Us.

Our Story

Aggie House strives to create a safe community space for residents to rest and recover from the stresses and stigmas commonly associated with student homelessness, allowing more time for residents to focus on academic and professional development, mental health, and personal well-being.

The Statistics

Data from the ASUCD-GSA Housing Affordability and Insecurity Survey shows that over the course of the 2017-18 school year, 18% of UC Davis students experienced either homelessness or some form of housing insecurity, 7% of students surveyed were homeless at some point,and approximately 2% spent time living in their car or another place not intended as housing. If this is representative of the UC Davis population at large, this could mean that over 2,000 students are affected by homelessness in any given year.

Our Founding Members

To promote advocacy, create a safe space for students experiencing housing or food insecurity, and take strides towards social justice, three co-founders—Ashley Lo, Katie Shen, and Allie O’Brien—started developing Aggie House in May 2020.

Ashley Lo, Major: Economics and Political Science, Class of 2022
Allie O’Brien, Major: Sociology and Political Science, Class of 2022
Katie Shen, Major: Genetics and Genomics, Minor: Human Rights, Class of 2022

Our Goals

Aggie House will utilize a four pronged model to approach student housing insecurity in the most holistic viewpoint. We will provide our residents with:

  • Shelter - a bed every night
  • Food - breakfast and dinner daily
  • Case Management - to help locate basic needs resources like
  • Community - peers who support and advocate for basic needs and human rights

Our Partners

Aggie House is partnered with Students 4 Students, a nonprofit organization that both Bruin Shelter at UCLA and Trojan Shelter at USC work under. Students 4 Students provides Aggie House with immense expertise in student housing insecurity and basic needs, financial support, liability insurance, and more.

Aggie House is also partnered with Cal Aggie Christian Association, also known as CA House, on Russell Blvd. CA House is a nonprofit organization with a Multifaith Living Community that is renting a 6 bedroom townhouse to Aggie House. Please note that while Aggie House is renting from CA House, we have no religious affiliations and do not require religious practices for our volunteers or residents.